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• Colored Doppler ultrasonography device with state-of-the-art technologies
• Imaging opportunity of the internal organs and tissues by ultrasonography without using sound waves and ionizing radiation
▶ Soft tissue ultrasound examinations of the thyroid gland, neck, breast, abdominal organs, trunk, arms and legs
• With the feature of monitoring, measuring and evaluating intravascular blood flow from outside the body through sound waves
▶ The examination opportunities of all the intra-abdominal main veins; particularly the carotid-vertebral arteries (the vessels that go to the brain) , arm and leg vessels; liver, spleen, kidney and, intestinal vessels and the aorta.
• The opportunity of archiving the desired ultrasonography images and giving them to the patient with the DICOM image feature.
• Biopsy procedures with USG

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