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These applications are the softwares that help the reporting physician by noticing the minor changes that can be overlooked in the preparation of reports by the Radiology Physician. The use of these types of advanced artificial intelligence softwares in our center provides a great contribution to the regulation of the treatments by enabling our patients to receive artificial intelligence-supported diagnoses.
Automatic evaluation and reporting of the brain volume by artificial intelligence

▶ Differential diagnosis of dementia diseases such as Alzheimer’s
▶ Defining the difference between normal aging and diseases
▶ Follow-up of lesions in patients with Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
▶ Showing emerging or decreasing lesions by the comparison of previous examinations of preexisting lesions in MS patients using artificial intelligence

Automatic detection and reporting of mass growth or reduction with artificial intelligence in the follow-up of patients with brain tumors Artificial intelligence-supported reporting of the report in breast imaging (according to the BIRADS format) Artificial intelligence-supported reporting of the report in prostate imaging (according to PIRADS system) Artificial intelligence programs that detect the progression potential of lesions such as nodules, masses and fibrosis in lung diseases.

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