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• New generation 1.5 Tesla MRI device
• Large inner volume with 70 cm diameter providing patient comfort, the opportunity to watch videos or television during MRI
• Smart imaging system with “Biomatrix” technology, rapid and high quality imaging with “Compressed sensing” technology
• Diagnosis of pelvic floor diseases by MR defecography

In addition to all MRI scans, advanced high-level MRI applications:

• In cancer screening and following-up patients diagnosed with cancer
• “Whole-body MRI” technology
• Cardiac MRI for monitoring heart function and myocardial viability in diseases involving the heart and its valves
• Functional MRI applications in the brain:
• Special visual stimulus software for functional MRI
• Advanced MRI applications such as MR spectroscopy, Perfusion MRI, MR tractography in brain tumors
• New 3D technologies in joints imaging such as knees and shoulders
• MRI in the early diagnosis and follow-up of breast and prostate cancers

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